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Tang Wanjun, General Partner
Ami Dotan, General Partner
Yigal Livne, General Partner
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Derek Wang, Senior Investment Manager
Pnina Schwartz, Marcom Manager
Steven Qiu, Investment Assistant
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Pnina Schwartz: Marcom Manager & Investor relations


 Pnina Schwartz,
 Marcom Manager & Investor Relations

Ms. Schwartz has been with CIVC since it's founding. Prior to CIVC, Ms. Schwartz joined Neurone II in September 2000. 

Ms. Schwartz has a communication background and started her way with Neurone Ventures and PNV as the Administration manager. She was responsible for numerous aspects of the fund formation and portfolio management.

From 1995 to 2000, Ms. Schwartz worked with an Israeli Law Firm, as administration manager, with direct contact to the Israeli Judiciary system as well as client relations and coordination.

Ms. Schwartz is responsible for all marketing aspects and activities as well as investor relations activities.

Ms. Schwartz received her B.A. in Psychology & Communication from South Africa UNISA University (Israeli branch)