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Tang Wanjun



 Tang Wanjun,
 General Partner


Mr. Tang started his business career in the late 1980’s, and became a Consumer Products professional in Philip Morris’ China team, responsible for Strategy Development and Business Analysis.



In 1998, Mr. Tang joined a China domestic TV broadcaster, covering political and business news and in 2000 became International News Producer. Mr. Tang continued his journalistic career until 2005, when he served as the CEO of a business newspaper based in southern China.



In 2006 Mr. Tang started his Venture Capital career, when he joined SCGC-Shenzhen Capital Group. SCGC is the leading VC Fund in China, with 20 satellite offices across China and 30 JV funds formed with local Provincial Governments.



Mr. Tang grew from an investment analyst, to a senior investment and fund management officer in SCGC’s Funds Management organization, in charge of the 30 JV funds’ activities. Mr. Tang has worked with the CIVC team for over two years and joined as a General Partner in 2009.



Mr. Tang established his professional reputation as an acute business analyst and an established media expert. He received his Masters degrees in Philosophy (history of idea) and Business Administration from the Sun-Yat-Sun University, Guangzhou.