Mr. Jin Haitao, Genral Partner
Tang Wanjun, General Partner
Ami Dotan, General Partner
Yigal Livne, General Partner
Dr. Jiang Weiping,Venture Partner
Ornit Avidar, Partner
Derek Wang, Senior Investment Manager
Pnina Schwartz, Marcom Manager
Steven Qiu, Investment Assistant
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Mr. Jin Haitao, CIVC Co-Founder: General Partner

 Mr. Jin Haitao,
 CIVC Co-Founder: General Partner 



Mr. Haitao has over 30 Years experience in enterprise management, investment, financing and capital market operations. He joined SCGC in 2004 as Chairman and is concurrently Chairman of Shenzhen - Hong Kong Investment Association, the Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Investment Chamber, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Finance Advisory Association and Honorary Chairman of Wenzhou Investment Association. He is on the professional expert board of the Science, Technology & Economic Expert Committee, of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as a member of Shenzhen professional expert board. He was the Vice President of Shenzhen Electronic Group Co., Ltd. (SEG) and the CEO of Shenzhen SEG Co., Ltd. (listed in SSE). Prior to that Mr. Jin was the ex-President/CEO of 5 listed companies. He has a Masters degree in Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.