Mr. Jin Hai Tao meeting with President Shimon Peres

Mr. Jin Hai Tao, CIVC's GP and the Chairman of SCGC, met with President Shimon Peres from Israel, for a private dinner meeting. President Peres requested to meet with 8 Chinese industrieses' leaders of China. Mr. Jin Hai Tao, the General Partner of CIVC and the Chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group, the largest Chinese originated Fund, voted as the 3rd most active and successful fund in China in 2007, was personally invited by the President to attend the dinner, at the Israeli Ambassador's residence. Mr. Jin Hai Tao represented the Chinese Private Equity industry in China and presented the close cooperation between China and Israel in the Investment sector and the successful formation of CIVC few years ago. Mr. Jin Hai Tao, also discussed with the president the successful investments CIVC has done, implementing Israeli technologies in some of the invested companies