Jin Haitao: The leading player of China Venture Capital

With the stable growth of the Chinese economy and abundant opportunities, China's VC industry is booming.

As an advocator and pioneer of the VC industry in China, Shenzhen Capital Group Co. Ltd. (SCGC), with more than $500 Million  under managment is the largest and strongest domestic VC in China with many investment subsidiaries and co-managed funds, and is in a dominating position in the China venture capital industry. SCGC has benefited by its large capital base, excellent managing team, technology capacity, value added services to capital accumulation and its ability of meeting new oppotunities and challanges and aiding Chinese entrepreneurial enterprises to achive growth and expansion.

As the Chairman of SCGC, Mr. Jin Haitao, has taken advantage of the great opportunities in China's golden era of the VC industry  and built a professional and experienced team to seize the opportunites in the capital market, find projects with multidirectional expansion, and join hands with foreign and domestic entities generating creative Chinese investment opportunities for the future.

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