CIVC GPs presented to Harvard MBA Students

 Mr. Jin Haitao, Chairman of SCGC (Shenzhen Capital Group) and General Partner of CIVC , a JV fund between SCGC and Israeli investors delivered an open speech on March 25, 2011 to a Harvard University audience in Boston. Mr. Jin was visiting Harvard at the invitation of the universityís Business School (HBS) to present SCGCís successful experience in China VC/PE market. Before Jinís visit, HBS just finished a case study on SCGC and decided to insert it into the schoolís MBA education curriculum.


Mr. Jinís participation in the MBA classes was warmly received by both HBS professors and students, and his elaboration on SCGCís strategies created positive feedback from the audience. Another CIVC General Partner, Mr. Tang Wanjun assisted Mr. Jin for the Q&A session and the following open discussion with HBS students.


HBS case study on SCGC and its affiliates indicates growing interest from the international business community in China as the worldís fastest-emerging economy and SCGCís commanding market position in Chinaís growing VC/PE market. So far, SCGC is the sole Chinese VC firm that HBS has conducted a case study.