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 CIVC led a $21M unvestment in Vition Wireless Technologies AG. the leading CMX 1X wireless data card providers in China. For the Hebrew article press here.


On January 17th CIVC signed "The First Israel-Shenzhen Investment Partneship". For the article in Hebrew please click here.

 3NOD becomes the first foreign company listed on Korean stock market


 CIVC team leads first Chinese company IPO in KOSDAQ


 Going global blog - Israel inside


 Israel's venture capitalists discover China


 20/4/2005 - Shenzhen Capital Group - China and PNV NC Israel formed a New Joint Venture Fund - CIVC - China Israel Venture Capital.

 On March 27th 2008, Mr. Ami Dotan - General Partner, spoke on "The China Panel" at the "The 2008 Emerging Markets Private Equity Forum" that took place at the Rossvelt, New York.


 On March 11th 2008, Mr. Ami Dotan - General Partner, spoke about "The Future of Chinese Companies Growth" at the "The 1st Annual China Private Equity" conference that took place at the Pudong Shangri-La hotel, Shanghai.


 "On January 17th CIVC signed "The First Israel-Shenzhen Investment Partneship"


 On September 6th 2007, Mr. Yigal Livne - Genral Partner, will speak in a the panel "The outward expansion of India and Chinese companies: What does it mean for US/European GPs?" at "The Capvent Annual China - India Private Equity Summit" in Shabghai China


On Feburary 28th, Mr. Ami Dotan - General Partner, spoke about "Investments in Chinese companies (PE) combined with Israeli Technology" at the "China -  Opportunities with no boundaries" conference taken place at the Rupin Academy.


 On the 7th December 2006, Dr. Chen Wei - General Partner, participated and spoke at Session Eight "A Stategic Thinking on the next wave" at the China Venture Capital Annual Forum 2007 in Shanghai China


 Between the 30 November and 1rst December 2006, Mr. Ami Dotan - General Partner, partcipated and spoke at the "Venture investing in emerging markets" workshop at the "2006 private equity and emenrging markets forum" - London.


 On June 2006 Mr. Yigal Livne, General Partner led the "China Investment Strategies" panel at the 2006 Asian Private Equity and Venture Forum China that took place in Beijing


 On April 2006 Mr. Ami Dotan, General Partner, participated in "CVCF - China Ventures Capital Forum" in Shenzhen, China in the "Sino-Foreign Venture Capital Firm Cooperation Forum" Panel.


 On December 2005 Mr. Ami Dotan, General Partner, Spoke at the Israel Business Conference, 2005, in Tel Aviv in the "China - Israel - Challenges, opportunities and investments fields" panel.


 On December 2005 CIVC hosted, Mr. Jin Haitao Chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group and Professor Chen Zhangliang, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the President of China Agriculture University & Vice President of Peking University, in Israel. Both participated and spoke at the Israel Business Conference, 2005


 On October 2005 the Managing Teams from Shenzhen Capital Group and PNV officially formed CIVC by signing an MOU agreement in a public ceremony that took place in Shenzhen, China. Link for pictures.


 On July 2005 Dr, Chen Wei, General Partner, was a VIP speaker at the"CVCF - China Ventures Capital - Semi Annual Forum" that took place in Beijing.





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