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More than just capital: CIVC always aims at becoming the lead and influential investor in the majority of its investments. As prime investor, with first mover advantage, the Fund's Managers anticipate to lead all aspects of the investment, from due diligence through negotiations, until investment commences. CIVC works closely to ensure its portfolio companies are focused on achieving their key milestones necessary for substantial growth in a highly dynamic market environment. Working closely with company management allows the Fund to demand more aggressive goals and achieve better business results. While CIVC does not attempt to be the day-to-day manager of its portfolio companies, the Fund's Managers oversee portfolio companies' progress and provide significant managerial, strategic and financial advisory assistance including enhancing product lines, strengthening management teams, and ensuring efficient deployment of capital.

The portfolio company business practices can be significantly enhanced by the rich experience of the Fund's Managers through:


Mentoring and assisting management teams to improve executives' goals, business and operational focus and prioritizing, joint analysis of the market dynamics in which the company operates, and helping management develope growth strategies;


Strengthening business and financial practices by adoption of international corporate governance. Improving operating margins through higher product offering and value, thus allowing different price structures and continuously reducing production costs by tightening control on expenses and COGS;


Providing business development and new business formation assistance, by introducing the company to potential world partners for potential cooperation, for the purpose of expansion in China and new markets world-wide; introducing techniques used by successful past portfolio and other local and global companies, to build multi-national businesses and branded product companies; 


Leveraging CIVC's network of business and technology partners, networking with leading companies and opinion leaders in their domain, establishing strategic relations with global players in relevant sectors, helping forge strategic alliances and international collaborations, and negotiating contractual relationships with technology partners, investors, bankers and vendors;


Assisting in providing strategies for growth, optimizing product positioning, and developing and executing aggressive business models;


Using CIVC's personal and professional acquaintances in helping recruiting high-caliber, highly experienced management executives;

Advising and introducing processes in the establishing of US and European offices and headquarters;

Bridging geographical and cultural gaps to build multinational organizations;

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