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CIVC's team members all bring operational and industry experience and know-how. CIVC is a true "hands on investor" which provides its portfolio companies with added value in the go to market strategy, financial structuring and adaptation to global financial standards as well as  preparation for the global capital markets. The team members take an active role in the company as lead investors and directors on the Board, with each partner handling a few investments to be able to provide real hands on involvement.

  1. Sourcing: Through CIVC's broad coverage of 13 offices in China, and personal networking, as well as direct submissions, the best potential companies for investment are sourced.
  2. Screening: Once a company is sourced and initial material has been received the prospect investment will be discussed internally. Once decided to further explore the company, a meeting will be scheduled between the Funds' dedicated team and the company management. Following, the dedicated Fund's team performs an assessment of the feasibility of possible collaboration with external new Israeli added value technology. 
  3. Due Diligence: Companies, which passed the initial screening process, undergo a thorough due-diligence, which includes assessment of the company's market segment and potential market growth; strategy; management; financials; technology and the feasibility of injection of external Israeli technology. Financial and legal due diligence are also done with the assistance of global leading accountant and legal firms. Due diligence also includes meetings with customers, potential customers, suppliers, market opinion leaders and analysts. 
  4. CIVC appreciates the invested portfolio company value by enhancing product lines and introducing additional IP, to differentiate the company in the competitive landscape as well as to gain better operational margins, thus assuring faster growth.  By embedding world-leading Israeli technologies and solutions, the invested company is able to compete more effectively in the local and global markets, and transform into a branded product company.
  5. Post Investment: CIVC further appreciates the invested portfolio company value by:

The Fund's Managers "hands on" approach, with an emphasis on continuous enforcement and assisting to improve the portfolio company's management team, technology, company's performance in their market segment, assisting the company to achieve its full growth potential and support with the execution plan.
Ensuring efficient capital deployment pursued by carefully investing the Fund's capital and overseeing the efficient use of capital in the portfolio companies by:

Placing rigorous financial disciplines and enforcing the adoption of corporate governance and international accounting principles and practices

Developing better operating margins resulting from improved product positioning, better pricing and lower expenses

Attracting additional capital and providing syndication services


As a result of CIVC's management's mentoring the invested company becomes better managed, financially stronger, with market leading positioning, thus  prepared for better exits. with CIVC's personal experience in taking companies to the global corporate level and accessing the global capital markets, we predict faster exit scenarios to be achieved in a time frame of about 36 months by M&A or IPO.

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