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Since the CIVC team is passionate about its investment platform, passion is one of the first criteria we look for in a company.  CIVC targets well run Chinese companies ready for change with a visionary and exceptional management. In addition we look for companies with established operations; customer base and distribution channels. To make sure we invest in the finest companies the Fund's Managers evaluate and look for:



Exceptional and market-driven management team: The executive team of the company should be comprised of a balanced core of people around whom a successful market leader can emerge. The team must be intimately familiar with the target market and have built a successful operation in China and its industry. the Fund looks for characteristics such as motivation, business savvy leaders, ready for chnage and ability to adapt as well as, team players and leaders .

Significant Revenues:
Mature, probable mid sized Chinses companies generating from thens of million dollars to over one hundred million dollors in annual revenues, and showing substantial growth quarter after quarter. CIVC's targeted invested companies should be considered leaders in their sector, they shuold show a distinct business model and costumer base.

Market potential:
High potential market with global size estimated at more than $1 Billion and Chinese market potential of at least hundreds of millions of dollars with high growth potential. CIVC will also evaluate the competitive landscape and major players in the field.

Sound products and services: The Company should have distinct competitive advantages - a unique product with a significant technology, market position, and/or barrier to entry. The company should be able to benefit from an external pump of technology.

Viable exit strategy: CIVC invests in companies which can demonstrate a clear exit vision of M&A or IPO within a short time frame of 36 months.

In addition, the investment opportunity should provide for:

Appointment of a principal of the Fund's Management as a member or observer on the board of directors.

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