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China Dredging Group Co., Ltd. (“China Dredging”) is a BVI holding company, and one of the leading privately-owned dredging companies in the PRC.   China Dredging conducts its dredging operations through its PRC-based subsidiary Fujian Service. Since inception, the Company has functioned exclusively as a specialist subcontractor, performing dredging services for other companies licensed to function as general contractors.  Dredging involves the preservation or enhancement of navigability of waterways through the removal or replenishment of soil, sand or rock. Depending on its purposes, dredging can be largely classified into three main areas: navigation, reclamation, and environmental protection.


In December 2010, CIVC invested $1.8M in China Dredging. The company is continuously working on signing more dredging projects and has reached 27 active projects in Oct 2011 (vs 13 projects a year ago).