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C2 Microsystems, Inc., www.c2micro.com,  is a the leading developer of fully programmable media processor for low cost, high performance and networked media, based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, in a SOC (Systems On Chips) architecture, for the use in the Internet TV and multimedia sectors. The company is in its growth stage.


C2 Microsystems, Inc. was founded by a group of veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in May, 2004 with the target to create the best technology in the world for digital home and mobile entertainment. C2Micro is developing a family of low-cost, high performance, fully programmable SOCs which includes an integrated software development environment that is optimized for networked media from portable to high definition applications. C2's unique approach to media processing involves a blend of hardware and software implementation of all major audio and video codecs and an application framework that allows programmers total control of media applications: any codec, any resolution, any time, any where.


C2 Micro's Headquarter is located at the China Electronics Plaza, ZhongGuanCun, right at the center of Beijing High-Tech Campus. The Sales and Marketing Group, a Product Development Center, and a Customer Support Centre for the Asia Pacific market is located at the Beijing headquarter. Additional Sales and Customer Support office is located in Taiwan. The R&D Center is based in San Jose California.


CIVC and SCGC led a $3.75M, in C2 Microsystems Inc., in a differed second D round closing totaling: $6.1M.


On 31st of March, 2009, TCL held the "2009 TCL Internet Launching Conference" and issued its latest MiTV Internet TV X9 series products including C2 Micro's chips. For the entier press release please click here.