China Investment Environment
China a "Nation of Innovation"

In January 2006, China began a new march toward transforming itself into a nation of innovation. President Hu Jintao outlined a technological path for China's development stating,"Innovation is the core of the nation's competitiveness and the strategic motif of China's science and technological development", and to this effect"enhanced innovation capabilities" will be a national strategy. Through this strategy China will evolve into an innovation-oriented country within the next 15 years, which entails a profound social reform that will enhance the country's innovation capabilities and improve living standards.


China is seeking to leapfrog development in vital areas, leading to breakthroughs in key frontier technologies and basic research with the long-term perspective necessary to achieve the urgent requirement of sustained and coordinated economic and social development. The unprecedented importance placed on innovation represents a substantial upgrade from former policies, which emphasizes rapid economic growth. This strategic shift is based on an understanding of where China wants to position itself in the global market, and its desire to increase high earning, high added value jobs to the market. This strong call by the Chinese PM coincides with CIVC's strategy to contribute to this innovation trend, by bringing advanced Israeli technology into the Chinese developing market.