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On October 2005 the Managing Teams from Shenzhen Capital Group Co. ("SCGC") and Platinum Neurone Ventures ("PNV") officially formulated CIVC by signing an MOU agreement in a public ceremony that took place in Shenzhen, China.



In January 2005, "SCGC" and "PNV" signed an agreement to establish the CIVC fund. The General Partners of CIVC are the Chairman of SCGC and the former Senior Vice President of "SCGC" and the two Co-Founders of "PNV". The general partner of CIVC is comprised of an entity managed by these four General Partners, who also serve as the Investment Committee of the Fund. 


"SCGC" is a state owned, evergreen fund in China that invests mostly in early-stage, state-owned companies. "SCGC" acts as a sponsor and supporter of CIVC's operations.  "PNV" is a fully-invested fund in Israel whose term is ending.



China Investment Enviorment


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PNV - Platinum Neurone Ventures