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About CIVC

China-Israel Value Capital L.P., is a China-focused, Private Equity Fund headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with 13 offices in China and Herzeliya, Israel. CIVC mainly focuses on Medium sized Chinese companies with:

Exceptional and experianced management team
Established sales operations, typically with revenues between $30M-$100M
Rapidly growing market

CIVC enhances the value of the invested Chinese companies by joining ventures with mature and market-proven Israeli technologies.

CIVC's primary objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors by providing a unique investment vehicle for leveraging the opportunities presented by China's growing hunger for advanced technologies and the nation's motivation to grow global leaders.

China's vast domestic market growth and global reach has created a great need for more advanced technologies and industrial and commercial services know-how, especially in the fields of: Communication, Life Science, IT Clean Tech, Alternative Energy and General Industries.

Israel, in particular, has a worldwide reputation as a high-tech superpower and as a home to global technology leaders. Throughout the last decade, Israel has rapidly expanded its proficiency in R&D and created what is widely considered "a model high-tech economy". 

Access to this expertise, through CIVC's managers, will enable Chinese companies to move up the value chain and implement the Chinese aspiration of moving from "Made in China" to "Designed in China".

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